The 2005 "Skinnies" Awards
Honoring epidermal excellence in entertainment ...
The entertainment world constantly changes, so why should 2005 be different? To accommodate the evolving face of the Industry, awards shows continue to add or adjust categories. The Oscars now honor animated films, the People's Choice awards consider best smile, hair, and even meanest movie villain. Who knows what the irreverent MTV movie awards will come up with next. Yet one thing has remained the same. None of these prestigious ceremonies address one of the more compelling concerns of our time: celebrity skin conditions. So, twist our arms, let us fill the gaping hole strangely ignored by the SAG awards, the Golden Globes, the Razzies, and even our esteemed colleague Mr. Blackwell. To paraphrase Al Pacino in "Godfather, Part III:" They keep pulling us back in. And with that, adjust your monitor, warm up your mouse, crank up your iPod to eleven: It's time for the 8th Annual Skinnies awards!

Missing in Action:


 Lindsay Lohan's freckles


Pimpliest Portrayal in a Biopic:
Jamie Foxx in "Ray"

Presidential Campaign Secret:


  Bush and Kerry's Unibrow


La-la Land's Most Loved Lesion: The Beauty Mark
Gwen Stefani as Jean Harlow in "The Aviator"


 Evil accessory:

Male breasts


Lifetime achievement for discrete dermatology:
Nicole Kidman
Surprising Cultural Milestone:
No evil albinos in 2004!

This Year's Trauma:

 Broken noses


Hollywood backlash:

Least inspired casting:


 Bald actors voicing bald cartoon characters


Congratulations to all the winners! Here's wishing you (and them) a year's worth of healthy skin!
Skinnies Awards

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