The 2008 Skinnies Awards

Honoring epidermal excellence in entertainment.
What do Singer Seal, Brangelina, Harry Potter, Lindsay Lohan, Gwen Stefani and Tom Hanks' pal Wilson the volleyball have in common? The answer should be obvious, they are all previous winners of Skinnies Awards at! Enjoy this year's selection and rest assured: No striking Hollywood writers were harmed during this presentation. Without further ado: The 2008 Skinnies Awards!

Back In Theaters:
Nicolas Cage's hairline

Lifetime Achievement Award
Britney, Beotch!

Action-packed Acne Survivor:
Will Smith in “I Am Legend”

Sun Protected Princess:
Amy Adams in “Enchanted”

Vanishing Act:
Miley Cyrus' facial scar

Hollywood's Greatest Villain:

Stereotype Shredder:

Danny Trejo in “Grindhouse”

Skin-festation of the year:
Bed Bugs in "Ocean's 13" and "Bug"

Congratulations to all the winners! Here's wishing you (and them) a year's worth of healthy skin!
Skinnies Awards

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