Celebrity Skin Secret:
Adam Lambert's Acne

In 2009, American Idol introduced a breakout star in Adam Lambert.  As the first runner-up, he received millions of Middle America’s votes.  Throughout the season, he harbored a closely held secret.  A secret that if revealed might have altered voters’ perception of the androgynous singer.  A secret barely concealed under the harsh stage lights and HD.  A secret that was nearly spoiled by circulating photos on the internet.  The secret?  Adam Lambert is…acne-prone.


Though clear skin is considered beautiful, Glam-bert is one of many singers with problem skin.  He had active acne cysts during the season and shows significant acne scarring.  With the release of his first album, Lambert has generated controversy with racy performances.  Shall he continue the bland Idol persona, or be true to himself as a performer?  Fortunately, he can continue to break down pop music barriers rather than breaking out and popping zits.

For years, pimply pubescents and acne covered adults have been treated with a vitamin A medicine known as Accutane.  Though 2009 saw the end of the brand name version of this treatment, effective generic versions remain available.  While not for everybody, particularly pregnant women (because of serious birth defects), Accutane can substantially reduce inflamed acne, blackheads and zits in general.  Just ask Jessica Simpson. The Idol competition is a long process, with auditions, performances, and gratuitous Simon Cowell T-shirts.  Similarly, taking Accutane in the US involves enrolling in an online database, blood tests, doctor visits and serious moisturizing. The results can make even a tone deaf Idol wanna-be sing a pitch perfect aria.


Yet even if Lambert were to take four to six months out of his recording and touring schedule to complete an Accutane course, he would still be left cratered and pock-marked.  While Accutane addresses active acne, it does little to clear acne scars.  Fractionated lasers such as the Fraxel can help to generate collagen and minimize acne scars.  Though helpful for superficial scarring, sessions can be as painful as an Idol results episode.  Swelling is as common as Randy Jackson’s use of the word “Dawg.”  Several treatments are required, just as week after week passes before reaching the Idol final. Whether Lambert pursues these treatments the way he can’t resist a thumpin’ disco beat, he remains a true American original.

Runner up, Celebrity Skin Secret:
  Katy Perry’s acne scars

Perry wakes up in Vegas...
...to find pimples...
...and acne scars.

In 2009, pop belter Perry admitted to having acne scars dating to the stress of her early career.  Can we look forward to a Perry/Lambert duet about this issue?   


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