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Beyoncé and Adele Have Acne


Beyoncé.  Adele.  Queen Bey and the Girl from the River Lea. What do these two singing sensations have in common?  In addition to being known by their first names, having international fame and breaking ground with each new album, they share a secret.  One hidden in plain sight, a malady so heart-breaking for media superstars that, like a Harry Potter villain, they dare not utter its name.


But we can and we must speak truth to pimples: Acne.  The all too common scourge of today’s image-obsessed culture. Adele and Beyoncé are not immune. These two icons are prone to whiteheads, blackheads, zits and the facial discoloration that results from the condition.

Which brings up two facts.  First, we are again reminded that Celebrities Are Just Like Us.  They eat pizza, they wear heavy makeup, they may not wash their face every night.  Yet, despite what one reads elsewhere online, NONE of these habits cause pimples.  Adult acne may be worsened by stress, hormonal changes, but only if one enters into a phase where congested pores trap oil, protein and bacteria.  And that state occurs as randomly as a new Beyoncé record being surprisingly dropped online.

Secondly, there is no simple fix for Acne.  If there existed a routine, one-stop-shopping cure, none of these images of A & Bey would exist.  Even if there were an extremely expensive knockout therapy, these two ladies certainly have the resources and incentive to be treated as quickly as they fill stadiums with fans.

Acne CAN be managed, usually with a variety of creams and pills that address the congestion, inflammation and subsequent discoloration/scarring.  One option for the form of adult acne called rosacea is a topical cream called Soolantra.  This non-irritating cream clears microscopic parasites from the skin and calms inflammation.  No, this is not some plot from the re-booted X-Files series.  Instead: Science. 

While not a panacea for every acne sufferer, it is a welcome addition in the battle against breakouts.  Adele and Beyoncé, like so many prone to this epidermal epidemic, can use it and other options until we can all join the chorus for a cure.


Runner Up, Celebrity Skin Secret

Why Sia Wears Masks

Australian songstress Sia Fowler made a statement with the release of her album “1,000 Forms of Fear.”  In photos and public appearances in the last 3 years, she has hidden her face behind a series of masks, face paint and obscuring wigs.  She told the New York Times that having a public persona:  'It's horrible, I just wanted to have a private life.'

We at Skinema.com guess she may have an ulterior motive. She is fair-skinned and comes from Australia, a country with one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world. Along with privacy, her camouflage provides excellent sun protection.

Fellow OZ celeb, actor Hugh Jackman, recently announced his FIFTH sun-caused non-melanoma facial skin cancer. Maybe he should follow her lead.  Wolverine in a blonde wig?  Fetching!


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