Missing in Action

Ice Cube’s Moles in “Straight Outta Compton”


Actor, producer and Hip Hop artist Ice Cube (née O’Shea Jackson) had a big year in 2015.  He helped develop and produce the acclaimed biopic “Straight Outta Compton.” A chronicle of Cube’s rap group NWA, it met with critical and financial success.


Not only did he act as an advisor to the screenwriters, but his own son, O’Shea Jackson Jr., played young Cube in the film. It is therefore odd that a crucial element in this NWA film is MIA: Cube’s signature trio of moles.



Situated on the North West region of Cube’s mug (rather than South Central), these 3 dark bumps have remained his trademark since his early LA days. Since they started when he was so young and have not been joined other similar looking facial bumps, we at Skinema.com now conclude that these are likely moles.  The alternative, DPNs, arrive later in life, are more numerous and get bigger with age.  For comparison, Shawshank Redemption icon Morgan Freeman is studded with DPNs. Composed of pigment cells, most moles are benign and Ice Cubes’ lesions show no signs of irregularity to suggest skin cancer. 

Why were the spots excluded from the “Compton” film?  It would take a makeup artist minutes to affix tiny prosthetic bumps on Cube’s son’s cheek.  Budget issues?  Somehow not crucial to the plot?  Imagine a Marilyn Monroe biopic without her beauty mark.  For whatever reason, we feel it was an omission.

Rather than pouring one out for Cube’s moley homies, we thought a little photoshop work was in order. Here is O’Shea Jackson Jr. sporting his dad’s longstanding moles. See, Hollywood, was that so hard?

We see a new trending topic: #SkinniesAwardsSoMoley. Peace out.

Runner Up, Missing in Action

Charlie's Sheen has no KS

Perennial playboy and official hot mess, actor Charlie Sheen announced in 2015 that he is HIV positive.  Yet where are the dark purple lesions that always show up in dramas about AIDS? It turns out Kaposi’s Sarcoma (KS) is a blood vessel tumor caused by an unrelated virus.  KS only appears when the immune system is nearly wiped out.  Or when Jared Leto or Tom Hanks are gunning for an Oscar. Because of medicines that keep HIV under control, Sheen’s risk for KS is as low as his chances for an Academy Award.  At least he is a Skinnies winner. Make that a Skinnies runner-up.


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